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Giới thiệu The Beautiful Stylish Apartment In Estella (những Căn Hộ Đẹp Trong Estella )

Thảo luận trong 'Cần thuê, Cho thuê nhà, xưởng' bắt đầu bởi haido92, 3/10/16.

  1. haido92

    haido92 Member

    Location: Hanoi Highway, Thao Dien Pearl

    Modern, comfortable and centrally located, this fantastic two bedroom apartment for rent in hcmc, District 2can accommodate up to 4 people and it is a great choice for a couple or a small family. It’s appropriate for overseas Vietnamese and expats working in HCMC. It’s about 17 minutes driving distance to Ben Thanh market

    General Description

    Covering an area of 105 m2, the apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, has a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The rooms in this apartment are luxury and comfortable thanks to its high quality furniture. The stone-slaved floors of this apartment make it cool and comfortable. The wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling window makes the rooms bright and airy thanks to the natural light and fresh air. An automatic smoke detection, sprinkler and telecom system is installed in apartment so it is always in safety.


    Room features

    As for the furnishings, there is everything you might need in the living room: a sofa where you can enjoy some cable TV, a plasma TV, a unique cupboard, a small wooden table and an air conditioner. The kitchen is modern and basically -equipped: perfect to prepare a delicious home dinner; it also has a dining area with a wooden table and six chairs. The traditional bedroom flooring choice, hardwood is still a warm, welcoming feature when used as a floor surface in this room. Two bathrooms have many things that can reach all of your expectations about a perfect accommodation.

    Surrounding/ Atmosphere

    This characteristic apartment for rent combines the typical atmosphere of elegance which will bring to your comfortable life! Thao Dien Pearl is a very nice residence condominium with many facilities such as swimming pool, gym, commercial plaza, coffee shop and more.

    + Rental: 1200 USD/month (evaluate to 25,200,000VND).
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